EFI Week Online: Let’s Talk About Crypt Coins

Continuing with the coverage of the event on the topics of Economy, Finance and Investment of the moment, the EFI Week Online. Today we have a panel dedicated to answering the questions of the public, given that cryptomonies can be complex. Therefore, it is necessary to have the support of professionals, who use their knowledge and experience to fill the doubts about crypto.

EFI Week Online: Active Crypto Market

Let’s talk about crypt coins
Therefore, the experts who prepared us for EFI Week Online is a group that represents and consolidates Argentina’s progress in the field of cryptomonies.

Beginning the presentation with Miguel Schweizer, who has studied and lived with the crypts since 2014, channeling his ideas in the two companies he currently works for. Miguel is currently the Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest exchanges in Latin America, Decrypto. In addition, he is the founder of one of the most powerful crypto investment funds in Argentina, Quantia Capital.

Continuing with the list, we move on to Rodolfo Andragnes, being one of the biggest promoters of cryptomoney in Argentina. We can affirm this when we consider that he is the founder of the first Bitcoin NGO in the country, BitcoinArgentina.org, which has the objective of spreading knowledge about crypts in the territory. In addition, he is one of the pioneers in organizing conferences on cryptomonies, since in 2013, before the crypts were famous, he organized the first edition of LaBitConf.

Following the list of successful characters in Argentina we meet Gabriel Vago, founder of one of the most visited exchanges in Argentina, which has a diversity of services and possibilities that facilitate the use of the Peso, we refer to ArgenBTC.

Last but not least, we meet Matías Dajcz, who comes to represent one of the most complete and diversified platforms in Argentina. Matías is the CFO of a cryptomoney platform that we have mentioned several times, Ripio.

Once you know our team, then let’s talk about cryptomonies.

EFI Week Online: Bitcoin’s Plan B works

How are they used?
As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, this panel was designed to answer questions from the audience. In this way, the knowledge of Latin America in general can be Cryptosoft broadened. For this reason, we will summarize the points covered during the conference.

Beginning with a topic that was widely discussed, where each speaker shared his or her opinion The first topic to be discussed was about the uses we can give to cryptomoney, whether it is Bitcoin, stablecoins or others.

In general terms, they agree that crypto can be used in two ways: as an investment asset or as a store of value.

In this way, you can see Bitcoin as an asset that you use to generate passive income, like a company stock would. However, when you look at crypts in this way, it’s normal to think that they don’t work as a means of payment, since you don’t pay for a cake with Google shares.

Similarly, if you look at the other side of the coin, it is to assume that crypto-currencies function as a means of holding value, just like money. Therefore, it is feasible and totally normal to think that with a crypt coin you can use it as the Peso. However, as in the previous case, there is a limitation. If you see crypto-currencies as a means of value reserve, you cannot expect to generate passive income from it, since you do not expect to generate value from savings in the bank.